DATE NIGHT: Dinner and a Play


Dressed up; didn’t see the stain.

Benz broke down; had to drive the Ford .

 Bought her roses; dropped the vase.

Made her dinner; burned the steak.

 Made a joke; she didn’t laugh.

Wrote her a poem; it didn’t rhyme.

 Asked her to dance; ruined her shoe.

His wife giggling, “I love you.”



Failed haircut

            Pantyhose ripped

Missing shoe

            Babysitter late

Tickets forgotten

            Cranky words

Sudden rainstorm

           Her husband’s silly grin and warm hand in hers.

Ever have a date night like this, when everything goes wrong? It’s worth it at any rate to take that time to reconnect with your mate. What was your last date night? When is your next one? I’d love to hear!