“If you have a business, you didn’t build that.” Really, President Obama?

Of all the  things to say. To a crowd of business owners.

I’m hardly ashamed of my conservative politics, but I don’t generally get this mad and actually write about them.

(If you’re not in the loop yet, try this link to the Heritage Foundation)

It’s true that government  built electric lines, bridges, roads, public schools…

But it was Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who took us from room-sized computers to hand-held ones we “can’t live” without.

It was John Macarthur who built a Christian radio ministry and offers free MP3 downloads of his sermons to spread the gospel.

It was Henry Ford who figured out the concept of mass production.

It was Walt Disney who created movies and amusement parks for families.

So, the government provided teachers to teach employees (though private and home schools are doing more than their fair share). Government built roads and bridges so people could get to their jobs, strung electric lines and phone lines so we could use those computers we can’t live without. Sure. The government is how we work together to build our nation’s infrastructure.

So, what’s got me mad about President Obama’s statement? What’s left out of his government-benefits-everyone story President Obama was trying to weave?

and leadership.

This is what Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, John Macarthur and Steve Jobs had that the government doesn’t have.

Because business is much, much more than infrastructure.

On the other hand, I have a hunch that if the government hadn’t built infrastructure that they could use, those entrepreneurs would have built it. In many cases, they did build it.

Yep, they either had the vision to use the tools at their disposal, or to build their own.