We all know that the Olympics come from the Greek mythology of Mount Olympus, where Zeus was honored with athletics, poetry, and music competitions. (Well, I didn’t know about the poetry and music part…thanks Webster’s New World College Dictionary–my primary source)

But did you know that gymnastics comes from the Greek gymnazein, meaning “to train naked”? Must have been interesting training back in the Greek days.

Did you know that swim comes from the Old English, swimman, (they stole it from German) which comes from the Indo-European root, swem, meaning, “to move vigorously.”Swimming






Run is interesting in origin. It comes from Middle English rinna/renna, which got it from the Old Norse (which is Germanic). The Indo-European root, er, “to set in motion” gave us this word. Er also gave us the word raise and the Latin word origo, which we stole and now use as origin in English.

Berlin Marathon 2007