Mount Ranier wasn’t showing herself–it was sunny the day AFTER we went to Mount Ranier State Park–but we didn’t mind. A short jaunt down a cool alpine trail to Christine Falls beckoned, and the three of us piled out of the car.

Even from the parking lot, the sound of the waterfall tickled our ears.

About the time the tickle had turned into serious background noise, I saw a small group clustered around a trail sign.

“Look at that,” one man said. “They’ve scratched out how many millions of years of geologic history.”

My young-earth creationist ears alerted, and I pushed in for a view. Yep. Someone apparently was angry at the National Park Service sign’s acceptance of evolution.

Me, too. I believe that God created the world in seven days less than 10,000 years ago.

The young man shook his head in disgust. “Christians!”

The silence of the mountain reigned for a moment. Then:

“Christian vandals. Not two words you’d expect to see together.” The rest of the group murmured their agreement.

That’s when I teared up. Far, far from convincing the small group of the truth of the Bible’s story of God’s creation of the earth, whoever–let’s call it what it is–vandalized the sign, instead convinced them of the hypocrisy of Christians.

And I was sad at the thought of how that reflects on my Jesus.

Of course, these following pictures of Christine Falls also reflect on the Savior.

Can’t you just hear His still-small voice through the roar of the waterfall?



(Awesome Hubby once again proved his awesomeness by taking these pictures. Thanks, Hon!)