So, Amazing Husband can’t get the right answer on his word game, and the computer finally gives him the answer…PERUKES.Well, no wonder he couldn’t find it. Is it even a word?

Webster’s New World College Dictionary says it is.

It comes from the French perruque, and the French took it from the Italian perruca, perruca.

And the definition?

Wait for it… Wait for it…

It means PERIWIG.

Cleared it up for you, didn’t it?

Never fear, fellow Word Nerds. Follow me to periwig in the dictionary. It means, “a wig; specifically one of the type worn by men in the 17th and 18th centuries, usually powdered and having the hair gathered together at the back with a ribbon.”

As in, “George Washington and Thomas Jefferson looked dapper in their perwigs (or perukes) during the Constitutional Convention.”

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Thomas Jefferson (The Edgehill Portrait), Thir...

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word’s link to Latin is weak, despite its French and Italian origins, so there are no great root words to use to take a leap into deep vocabulary waters. Just the fun of two unusual words.

Therefore, the WORD NERD CHALLENGE for the week is to find one or two unusual words to share with the rest of us.


Sorry about that. Just trying to picture Amazing Husband in a peruke/periwig, since he is an attorney. I’m so glad he lives in this century. With me.



For those of you wondering about emotion words after last week’s action words…tragedy and comedy, sad and joy come from the French, but happy and love came to English from  the Germanic side of the language tree