NOTE: I have been reading and reading and reading over the past tumultuous months. I’m now going back and putting in my reviews of the books I’ve been enjoying as escape and inspiration.

When I won the contest for a free copy of Joann Durgin’s Awakening, I was delighted, of course. And curious.

Now I have to buy the next book in the series!

I’m not really that much into romance. Rather, I like a touch of romance in a story that is about something else entirely.

But Joann’s book enchanted me.

In TeamWork, she has created a mini-world that I’d like to visit. I’d especially like to attend one of the bonfires. Maybe they’ll even have Smores for me on the night of my visit.

Lexa moves from doing the Christian thing for show, to a true faith.

Sam moves from hurt to healing. I won’t put a spoiler here.

Of course, they move toward each other in the process.

Joann’s writing is character-driven, and shows that her characters are real to her. Thus, she can make them real to the reader. There were parts where I was frightened, and parts where I was cheering, and parts where I was delighted. (I’ll let you discover those for yourself.)

Even the traditional, romantic, her-heart-fluttered parts made me smile. They were sweet and well-done, rather than being purple prose.

And regardless of my prejudices, there is, after all, definitely a place in life for romance.

Thanks for reminding me, Joann!