Tension is the word for Candace Calvert’s book Code Triage.

Just being an ER doctor makes for tension for Dr. Leigh Stathos.

Just being a cop makes for tension for Nick Stathos.

His affair and their pending divorce makes for tension between them.

Especially when their jobs are always bringing them together.

A former ER nurse, Calvert writes some pretty heart-pounding scenes, but my favorite part of the book is the way she weaves a lemon tree and a dining room table throughout the story as metaphors for misunderstandings and broken promises. I didn’t always like Leigh, and I often wanted to bop Nick on the head to set him straight. But that’s as it should be. The elderly neighbors, just by the example they set, take care of that for me.

Calvert takes the reader through every last ounce of tension it takes for these two to work through their issues, and that places this book on my recommend list.

Blessings, Voni