In Dead Reckoning  by Ronie Kendig, marine archeologist Shiloh Blake accidentally gets too close to a stash of arms and is sucked into the world of international spies and the international arms race. Or was it an accident?

At any rate, she’s thrust into a world that has her desperately sorting between enemies and friends.

And facing her alienated father.

And Reese Jaxon.

And her own “do-it-myself” spirit.

I was once walking with my friend and her small daughter. “Hold my hand across the street,” my friend said.

“No, I hold my OWN hand,” her daughter proclaimed.

Shiloh Blake reminds me of that small girl. But if she doesn’t get some maturity, she won’t be able to stop the evil plot, save the world, and find the love of her life. Reese is a little more forgettable, but it takes a long time to figure out whose side he’s on.

Yeah, Shiloh’s got a little going on in her life!

Blessings, Voni