Death on a Deadline, by sisters Christine Lynxwiler, Jan Reynolds, and Sandy Gaskin, is a story about sisters at its heart. Only, instead of writing together, fictional sisters Jenna and Carly solve mysteries. They can’t help it, especially when Jenna is sure Carly’s teenage son didn’t murder the local newspaper editor. She ropes Carly into helping her find the real murderer, though it doesn’t take too much roping.

This is a cozy mystery, yet the authors are able to allow the grief and horror of the murder and the accusation of murder against a family member settle into their characters. The gentle laughs come from the sisters’ relationship and their sleuthing.

The big question of the story is who DOESN’T Jenna suspect? She interviews everyone in the city, it seems, ticking off the local police chief. An undercover newspaper assignment and a brush with death later, the sisters find out whodunit. (No spoilers here!)

My favorite part of this book is the sister relationship between Carly and Jenna. The loyalty and the sibling tiffs and the way they’ve got each other’s backs all ring true. I’d like to have lunch with these ladies. If they don’t have a murder to solve, that is.

Blessings, Voni