Yes, I know this post is not timed right for my usual Word Nerd Wednesday posts. It actually should’ve been last Wednesday’s post. I’ve been thinking and praying about whether to post it.

It’s cutting a little close to the bone. It’s been a long while since I felt like I could consider myself either a Christian or a writer, much less a Christian writer. Now my writing is once again starting to flow. And, finally, my faith has allowed the truth–that Christianity is neither a protective bubble nor a panacea, but a simple and profound  relationship with Jesus–to sink its roots deep into my soul. The emotions have settled in my heart, and in my family. So here it is:

Today, the Word Nerd is focusing on the word pregnant. It is simple and straightforward, pre- means “before” and gnasci means “to be born.”  Before being born.

The Online Etymology Dictionary notes that it was a taboo word before 1500. (The list of euphemisms is long and silly-sounding to our 21st century ears; check out the OED entry for “pregnant.”)

I’m guessing the taboo was because of how you get pregnant, not because of the child itself, because every child is a blessing.

Every child.

It’s a bit of a hot topic around here, because we are dealing with teen pregnancy in the Harris household. We wrote this Christian homeschooling script for our daughter’s life, but the world intruded—I will not share here, for our daughter is precious, and the details of how she came to go down this road are private.

It’s enough to say my breathtaking daughter’s repentance is real and heart-felt, and she never descended down the path of drinking and drugs. As she said, “I realize I was actually making a choice.” A hard-won, but well-learned lesson. Her Christian faith is real, and in fact never wavered through all life threw at her. She is stronger, as is our family. The Christian family as a whole has come around us with support and love.

It is a blessing to see her energy, her bright and active mind, her sweet and passionate spirit back in evidence. She is a blessing to us!

I guess that, in the end, is why I’m posting this. We covet prayers from those who know us. But mostly, it’s time for joy, even celebration.

For this child, too, will be a blessing, come November 7 when she is due.