Love is messy, scary, risky, heartbreaking.

…And oh, so worth it.

When Lisa falls in love with a firefighter, it takes her awhile, but she learns this lesson. Jeff does, too. As a firefighter, he is willing to risk his life, but not his heart. Until he meets Lisa. Fortunately, with the help of friends and a radio sermon on stepping out in faith, Lisa and Jeff are able to learn their lesson and open their hearts to each other.

Staci Stallings’ To Protect and Serve is a sweet story that touches your heart, and here’s my very favorite part, a quote that made me stop and re-read a couple of times:

(Jeff speaking) “The truth was I knew that sooner or later I would do something to ruin anything that got started, so I just didn’t start.”

There were moments of sheer terror and mind-boggling sadness. Confusion. Tenderness.

I did wish for more conflict between Jeff and Lisa in the first few chapters—there was sweetness and plenty of hand-wringing, but little conflict. However, that does not prevent me from giving this book four stars and a recommend!