By Leah Harris

Ryanna Ray ♥ 6.2 lbs, 19 1/2″ long. 6 weeks early. born on friday 3:33am and passed away the same day in the anchorage NICU at 2:25pm.
She’s the most beautiful little angel I’ve ever seen. She’s strong and I am so proud of my daughter. We all miss her very much. Caleb and I love her more than anything and we really need everyones prayers right now.
(I had to Skype her and caleb in anchorage so that I could see her before she died since I couldnt go with them after my surgery)
I love my little Ryanna so much and it’s so hard to see her go so quickly. but she’s in good hands now and we will most definitely see her again
Please pray for me and Caleb.. We love you Ryanna! Rest in Peace baby girl ♥