I have truly been enjoying Sarah Forgrave’s blog. This one had me giggling. I’ll also post my usual Werd Nerd Wednesday. Meantime, enjoy!

Sarah Forgrave

For years, I denied the truth. But no longer.

I’m a word nerd and proud of it.

I realize this shouldn’t be a surprise since I write books and everything. But it took me a while to accept and embrace the brain God gave me.

Here are some signs that you, too, may be a word nerd…

5) You work on the daily crossword while watching Wheel of Fortune and get giddy when one of them solves the other.

4) You reprimand your child, but stop when you realize you said the word “that” too many times.

3) When asked what your favorite book is, you answer, “The thesaurus.”

2) You get excited when you find alliteration in your grocery list.

1) In your mind, it’s perfectly normal to wear war paint while playing Scrabble.

Top 5 Signs You're a Word Nerd

Can anyone relate to these? What other things prove you’re a word nerd like me? (Don’t be ashamed. You’re…

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