I may gush a little today. I discovered Dan Walsh.

My first book of his was The Discovery.

It is about stepping out of the shadows and living God’s calling on your life.

It is a story-within-a-story, about a man—Michael—discovering himself while discovering the truth of the past. It contains World War II elements, and contemporary elements. Sorry, that’s all you’re going to get; I don’t want to ruin it for somebody. Because you should read it, definitely.

What I liked best about the story was how his grandfather had so much to teach the main character, but was forced to wait and allow him to discover it for himself.

The way the story is written, I didn’t feel much of a connection between Michael and his wife, Jenn, though clearly they were close and connected. This was probably a glitch simply because she was out of town for most of the book.

What I didn’t like was the random sister who wondered about the grandfather’s life story. No one else in the family cared at all about Gramps. Maybe they were respecting his privacy? Even Michael, an aspiring writer, had no curiosity about his grandfather (just love and admiration). The disparity between her and the rest of the family plays no part in the plot, so I was left wondering what that conflict was all about.

Walsh’s writing is at the same time tight and lush. The tightness is what makes it lush, because he weaves strands of his story together into a rich tapestry.

I love when a book leaves me satisfied.

I had to immediately dive into another Walsh title, and I will review it next week!