It started out with my thinking, boy did this author get himself in over his head writing from the point of view of a little boy. But that only lasted a moment. The heart-winning little boy has lost his mother to a car accident and is being sent to live with the grandfather he’d never met as he awaits his father’s return from his duty station in WWII Europe.

Why has he never met his grandfather?

Why does his grandfather hate the boy…and even his own son, the boy’s father?

Will his father even get the message to come home for his son? (I cheated and checked the ending to find out. I had to.)

What’s with the creepy cemetery? And the nosy neighbor?

What does the boy want for Christmas–besides his father’s return?

Will they survive the snowstorm of the century?

Never fear, all these questions are answered, and you will be left with a sense of satisfaction, a sense of a richly, well-woven tapestry. This is Dan Walsh’s writing, after all.

I highly recommend his book, Unfinished Gift for a Christmas read. I do not recommend checking the ending like I did. Instead, just take a sip of that hot chocolate you’re drinking. This is a warm read that will put you gently into the Christmas spirit without making you gag on syrupy sweetness.

The snowstorm of the century turned what should have been an easy fix into a heart-stopper. Taut and believably written. Well-done, Mr. Walsh!

I also immensely loved the black man. Who he was, as well as his actions. I want to meet him in person! I can’t tell you any more than that.

What I didn’t like about the book? Community service is what most policemen are all about, but I was left with the barest feeling that police are mercenary, not self-sacrificing. This is what caused me to award four, rather than five stars. (4-1/2 aren’t possible.)

The immense wealth of the grandfather irritated me, as well. Most people have to solve their problems without that benefit.

But I nitpick.

Blessings, Voni