Hello out there in Word Nerd land!

Writer Bonnie Grove issued a word challenge a week or so ago, and it quickly became clear she’d caught me out on a word I didn’t know, but thought I did.

I felt pretty silly!

English: Nerd Deutsch: Nerd

But the fun of learning a new word far outweighed the silly feeling. So, with her permission, I’m posting the same challenge here.

On the honor system… (Of course, all word nerds are honorable, right? šŸ™‚ )

WORD NERD CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK: Without looking it up, use the word bombastic in a sentence.

Next week, I’ll post about the fascinating etymology of the word, but first…

I’m truly looking forward to your bombastic sentences in my comments!

If you haven’t already, feel free to go back and cast your vote in last week’s Word Nerd poll about the dueling etymologies of the word nerd. Doing so doesn’t make you a nerd, I promise. Unless you want to be one. Totally up to you!