In Six Solitude Road–a Christian suspense novel by Bethany Macmanus–Louisiana school teacher Kate Marset’s student goes missing. Her husband of four months is suspected of the kidnapping, and  she is nearly swallowed by the darkness of what she uncovers as she works to clear his name and keep her daughter safe.

I was so frustrated as I read the book. Everything I figured out kept turning out to be wrong.

Frustrated exactly like main character Kate Marset, who finds herself in a maze of lies and seeming lies, truth and seeming truth. Macmanus has the incredible talent of bringing the reader right along for the ride with her heroine.

Don’t worry. The author ties it all up in the end, reminiscent of the old crime shows like Perry Mason or Agatha Christie.

In Six Solitude Road

…you truly get a feel for life in the Louisiana bayous.

…you truly feel the oppression that Kate feels, the darkness of the mystery that entwines the story’s characters. The author thankfully does not tiptoe around the dark issues. (Nor does she wallow in them).

…you truly feel the release that the truth finally brings.

My favorite part of the book? Macmanus is the queen of the perfectly-placed metaphor.

My least favorite part? I didn’t think the main relationship in the book (I don’t want to give any spoilers) received much closure for the reader. However, I have to say, considering what happened in the book, that was probably appropriate and more true to life than any closure would provide. Perhaps there’ll be a Book 2 that will explore that relationship more.

I highly recommend this book, and here’s a link. You’ve gotta see the cover. It’s amazing, and I’m unable to link it here.