And there are the images from Rory’s Story Cubes that I am using to create today’s continuation of the story I began last week…. Welcome to my imagination! (If you see only a small rectangular image above this paragraph, click on the rectangle to see the Story Cubes picture)

Rory’s Story Cubes #2

The strange woman’s footsteps had long faded, but Jeremy still stood in the middle of the alley behind City Tower, unable to tear his eyes away from the message on his phone.

How did his account have $39 million dollars?

But then, how had he parachuted from a high rise office building?

But then, how had he escaped a gunman?

Just then, he heard a noise coming from above. The gunman swung himself down from the fire escape, dropping easily to the ground beside Jeremy.

Jeremy stepped backwards into the shadows as the man looked around, but he knocked a glass bottle to the ground. The man was on him before the glass finished shattering.

Jeremy kicked wildly and tried to scream, but the man had an arm around his neck.

The man picked up a steel pipe and struck Jeremy over the head.

Jeremy collapsed.

When he awoke, he was sheltered in the dark recess of the doorway nearest where he had fallen in the alley. But it was daylight. He could see the remnants of blood on the ground where he had fallen, and didn’t dare touch the back of his aching head to see where it had come from.


Jeremy drew himself up to sitting and looked to the right. A little boy was playing with action figures a short distance down the alleyway, under a clothesline stretched across the alleyway. He stood up and approached.

“Are you stirring?”


“Mama said to bring you to her as soon as you stirred. Are you stirring?”

“Mmmph. I guess I am.”

The boy held out his hand. “Well then, come with me.”

Jeremy patted his pocket. Empty. Cell phone. Gone. With no other choices in a strange city, he reached out to take the boy’s hand.

That’s when he saw the boy’s tattooed palm…

A square with a block letter L.

Tune in next week for more!