Yeppers, I’ve been very quiet on my blog lately. Besides Thanksgiving, vacation, Christmas, and New Year’s,  I spent time entering and — amazingly enough — winning the First Impressions contest for unpublished authors through the American Christian Fiction Writers. (I was in the mystery/thriller/suspense category.) The prize is a year membership in the ACFW, and that’s very cool. Even more cool was having the five solid critiques from the judges. The two from the top-line agents in the final round were a little more brutal than the first round, but that’s actually good news. I don’t want writing critiques that don’t help me build on my writing skill! Plus, gasp, real-live agents READ MY WORK!

ACFW First Impressions winners

I cannot express how good ACFW has been for me: the friendships forged, the writing craft honed, the publication business learned. Check out their website through the link above.

Meantime, I’m under a deadline for the next contest … it requires the entire novel be complete. Yikes! Please pray for my writing discipline. And feel free to periodically ask me how it’s going so I have accountability!

I absolutely will be returning to my Rory Story Cubes flash fiction series this Friday!