2014-01-10 16.12.18

One of my favorite spots on Kodiak is Barometer Mountain. It is so fun to turn that bend in the road, and there she is … straight in front of you. The road, thankfully follows her contours rather than forcing us up the mountain. Each time I drive past, it looks different, expressing nature’s many moods, and God’s infinite creativity. My goal is to take a picture of Barometer from the same spot every Friday on my way to our weekly shopping excursion. That way, it will be about the same time, from 4-4:30 p.m. I’ll post the picture each Monday, so you can have a taste of God’s infinite creativity week by week and the moods of nature here in Alaska, and a small taste of our life here.

And I’ll remember to post it on Monday next week.

Last Friday, when I took this week’s Barometer picture, we had a high of 37, and a low of 21.

9:47 was sunrise, and 4:48 was sunset, with 8 hours and 39 minutes of visible light.

More Barometer next week!