Barometer5.2 Barometer 5.3

Good morning! Barometer posed quite prettily in her new white gown of snow, don’t you think? I took this picture a little early, around 3, simply because I didn’t want to be driving after dark with the snow conditions on the road. I also took it from across the road this week, so I could take it on my way home closer to the usual 4-5 PM time.

[I have a problem getting into new routines, therefore simply ran out of time to post her Friday pictures yesterday. Sorry about that! My bad. I’ll do my Barometer Mountain 52-Week Photo Challenge blog entry first thing next Monday!]

According to WeatherUnderground, we had a high of 39 and a low of 26. It alternated between snow and sunshine all day. With wind gusting up to 52 miles per hour, it was often hard to tell if it was snowing, or if snow was just blowing around. Our 2.2 inches of snow were gone the next day, thanks to rain.

Sunrise was at 8:58, and sunset was 5:50, giving us 10 hours, 16 minutes of visible light for the day, and an 8 hour, 51 minute official “day.”

I still haven’t located the origins of the mountain’s rather unusual name, but here’s a funny picture I took on Friday at the Coast Guard base here in Kodiak. The main road simply goes right across the airstrip, with flashing lights when a plane or helicopter is actually coming, so they felt the need to post some salient advice.