The Valentine’s Day view of Barometer Mountain was spectacular, with the sun shining on its way down a little past five when I snapped her shot.

And her close-up for the day:


8:42 AM was our sunrise and 6:06 PM was sunset, giving us 10 hours and 46 minutes of visible daylight and a 9 hour, 24 minute day. It had snowed again, but not much (3.9 inches month-to-date, average 8.7)

As of Friday, we’ve had 15.65 inches of precipitation year-to-date (11.97 average). Another interesting stat just caught my eye on Weather Underground: “since 1 July snowfall” for February 14 was 27.9 inches (average 43.0) … it’s actually been quite a mild winter. It’s obviously been almost all rain in this arctic rain forest.

I’ve been trying to dig up the official origins of the name of Barometer Mountain. Online sources were a bust. The library didn’t have the geographical place names book I’d heard about from the museum, but when I told the librarian specifically what I was looking for, she immediately said, “It’s like a barometer…you know like you use to check the weather.”

At least that’s the local lore she’d been told, and me, too.

You’ll see what that means as the 52-week photo challenge continues. You’ll watch the green climb up the mountain in spring, and the brown climb down the mountain in fall, and the white climb down the mountain as winter overtakes.



P.S. In case you’re wondering, I just point and click with my smart phone camera, not making any changes to the photo unless I have to flip the photo upside-right.