Direct from Kodiak, Alaska, I present Barometer Mountain. Her photo was snapped Friday, February 28 at approximately 4:45 as part of my self-imposed Barometer Mountain 52-week photo challenge. She is sporting some beautiful clouds and a dusting of snow on top.

Here she is for her close-up:


On the day of this photo shoot, (read: I pulled off the road, turned on my blinkers, got out of my car, pointed and clicked), Barometer enjoyed a balmy 51 degrees high, with a low of 29 degrees. There was no precipitation, but the sun deigned to shine from 8:06 AM to 6:39 PM, and the mountain enjoyed 11 hours and 52 minutes of visible daylight. (Thanks, WeatherUnderground)


For fun, here is a map of Kodiak Island from the RomancingAlaska website. Go check it out, it’s got some interesting information. Yep, we’re the second largest US island. But also note that to get from village to village on Kodiak Island, you must take a ferry or a plane. We make our home in Kodiak itself. We get full-on flights several times a day to Anchorage. (No where else, unless you charter a flight.) From there, we get anywhere in Alaska or “Down south” that we want to, down South meaning any state other than Alaska.

I will award 10,000 reader points for the first person to state correctly in the comments which is the only US island to beat us out in size. Ready, set go!

(The points are meaningless, except for fun!)