So sorry about being away from the blog. My novel-in-progress is going quite well, but I have had a hard time breaking away, even though it’s great fun to use the blog as a getaway, a break.

However, my self-imposed Barometer Mountain 52-week photo challenge remains intact. I am challenging myself to take a picture of Kodiak’s Barometer Mountain every Friday sometime between 3:30-5:30, from the same spot. Just point and click, no photo alterations. I am using Weather Underground to also share sunset, sunrise, and weather information from each picture day. Now, to follow my own rule of posting said pictures and weather info the following Monday. Next week, right?

Meantime, here are Barometer’s pictures from Friday, March 7th.

Barometer 3-7.1 Barometer 3-7.2

I think you can make out Barometer’s outline if you look real close. Some days, she just likes to hide.

On March 7, we had a high of 37, and a low of 31. Sunrise was at 7:47 AM, while sunset was at 6:55 PM. We had visible daylight for 12 hours and 26 minutes. Official length of day was 11 hours, 8 minutes. Spring is on the way!

Also on March 7, I snapped these pictures. The cliffs leading down to the road often have waterfalls releasing the intense rainfall of our beloved rain forest. When those waterfalls then freeze, we end up with these:

Barometer 3-7.3 Barometer 3-7.4


March 14th was week 10, and here is Barometer. She was showing off that day!

Barometer 3-14.1

On March 14th, we had a high of 31, and a low of 13. Month to date, we’d had 9.3 inches of snow. Sunrise was at 8:27 AM (thanks, daylight savings time), and sunset was at 8:11 PM, giving us exactly 13 hours of visible light.


Week 11 came on March 21. Barometer was playing coy last Friday.

Barometer 3-21








Kodiak had a high of 41, and a low of 35, and we were up to 11.5 inches of snow, month to date. Sunrise came at 8:08, and Sunset at 8:26. That gave us…drum roll please…a 12 hour, 18 minute length of day.  (13 hours and 36 minutes of visible light! WOOT!)

Yep. Spring has arrived. Our vernal (Spring) equinox was on March 20, when the earth was perpendicular to the sun, giving us almost equal light and dark, at 12 hours, 13 minutes of daylight. Actually, Weather Underground says that in Kodiak, March 17th had 12 hours and 3 minutes of daylight, which is closer to the equal day and night that the equinox is supposed to be.

Just for perspective: on week one, (January 10) we had 8 hours and 39 minutes of visible light, with sunrise officially at 9:47. And that sunrise was BEFORE daylight savings time.

There you have it! Weeks nine, ten, and eleven on our island home.

Tune in tomorrow for some Word Nerd humor. Friday at break time, get yourself some coffee, tea, or soda and join me for Flash Fiction Friday.