The fog-hiding-the-mountain picture is getting a little repetitive. That time of year, I suppose. I know I’m seeing different views of Barometer Mountain…just never during my weekly Barometer Mountain challenge time on Fridays between 3-6. We have been seeing a lot of sun lately.

Don’t know how y’all down South drive with it in your eyes all the time! LOL

Here’s her photo of the week.


A couple weeks ago, I showed you the iced waterfalls down the cliff. Here’s what they look like on a rainy but non-frozen day:

Barometer13.1Yep, that’s road right at the bottom of the waterfall. These are all along this stretch of road along the cliff, out to the Coast Guard base.

Speaking of which, have you ever seen The Guardian? Part of it was filmed on Kodiak (the part, apparently, before they realized the cost of everything on an island). My  husband’s first office can be seen in the movie when Kevin Costner’s character wakes up in a hospital bed, he looks out the window at the office building Rich worked in when we first got here.

We had 41 as a high, and 37 as a low. See what I mean by 40s and rain? You could almost be a weatherman on Kodiak just by predicting 40s and rain every day, as my breathtaking daughter points out.

7:29 was sun-up, and it went to bed at 8:57, providing us with 14 hours and 49 minutes of visible daylight.

That fog, however? That’s the reason our vehicle still needs spark plug wires. Plane couldn’t get on the island to bring them. We’re used to that, though! Have a great night!