Last week (Fri, April 11), I was a dud. Insert excuse here, but it doesn’t really matter, because Barometer was hidden behind fog once again. See previous pictures of fog-hidden Barometer. Sigh.

We had “daylight” from 7:10 AM to 9:15 PM, for 15 hours and 26 minutes of “visible  light.” Not so visible behind clouds. Sigh. That’s why they suggest not using grays when you paint your house. We get enough gray in this rainforest. Summer is on the way, though!  (Our temperatures were 41 for the high, and 21 for the low.)

Last Friday (April 18), Barometer made an appearance, even if she kept her head hidden under the clouds.

Barometer 15

I guess she just didn’t want to get out of bed.

We got up to 43 for a high, and all the way down to 32. We’ve had 4.49″ of precipitation so far in April. Phew! No wonder Barometer’s been hiding in fog.

The sun came out from 6:51 to 9:28, so we had 16 hours and 4 minutes of “visible daylight” that was mostly cloud-hidden. I saw that we had .20 inches of snow this month, which seems a little high, but we’ve officially had to have our studded tires switched out for regular tires since April 15. Normally they extend the deadline into May, so maybe summer really and truly is coming!