Last Friday (April 25), Barometer Mountain looked like a plateau covered with spruce.



Really, her head is just hiding in the ever-present fog.Barometer16.5


Our low was 37, with a high of 41. Winds averaged 28 MPH, gusting up to 48! Crazy! However, my hubby did get home via plane the next day, thanks to the wind dying down. We were hoping he wouldn’t get stuck in Anchorage. When the pilots can’t fly, you can’t fly. That’s just travel in Alaska.


We’ve had other excitement around the neighborhood.


Next Friday is supposed to be sunny with light clouds! And all the way up into the 60s. Maybe I’ll get a full  pic of Miss Barometer Mountain for next week’s self-imposed 52-week Barometer Mountain photo challenge.

Blessings, all!