Well, I sit here, surrounded by fog-shrouded spruce trees. I can smell the salt water, and even hear the sounds of the ocean.

IF I open my window. And I will, for a bit. Except it’s too chilly to do it for very long.

But it wasn’t that way last Friday! We had a whole 9 days of pure, unadulterated sunshine from Saturday to Sunday. My husband says one of these spring/summer days is worth 10 of our icy, foggy winter days. I’ve gotta agree. Mount Barometer’s photo shoot went something like this:


and this:



It was so sunny, I literally couldn’t see the photo I was taking. Barometer is very much backlit at 5 in the evening.

And look! Her snow is almost gone.

I talked my husband into stopping at the overlook on the way, as well. Didn’t take much talking.

Barometer 17.3

This is just a minute or two from my self-imposed spot for my self-imposed 52-week Barometer Mountain photo challenge, looking away from Barometer toward town, though I still couldn’t see the pictures I was taking, due to the sunshine. You can see the town, but mostly the harbor. If you squint you can see the bridge to Near Island…it’s the bridge to, well, Near Island, which is called Near Island because it’s, well, near Kodiak Island. You can see all of Near Island in the picture. It has more harbor and some fabulous walking/running trails.

I’ll have to stop and take some harbor pictures one of these weeks.

Almost forgot Kodiak’s weather stats for Friday, May 2, 2014 (from Weather Underground): We had a high of 66 — a record — and a low of 46. Just for reference, the record low for May 2 was 26 in 1949. Sunrise was at 6:15 AM, and sunset was at 9:59 PM, so we had 17 hours, 21 minutes of visible daylight.

I’m wondering if anyone has any questions/curiosities about Kodiak or Alaska. I’m having great fun sharing bits and pieces of my home with you, and would enjoy hunting down the info.

Meantime, check out my Word Nerd blog post tomorrow, Dudes!



P.S. My Facebook friends (and if you’re not, feel free to look me up and friend me — it would make my day!), know I am on a self-imposed two-week ban from Facebook while I complete the synopsis of the novel I’m writing.

However, blogging and Pinterest do not count as Facebook, and WordPress has an automatic function to post my blog link there. So my 52-week Barometer Mountain photo challenge continues!