Yep. Barometer was in fine form for her photo shoot. (We didn’t drive to the base for shopping on Friday due to my husband having a day off, so she posed for my self-imposed 52-week Barometer Mountain on Saturday the 17th at about 4:30. We had the same weather on Friday, for the most part.)


In her close up, you can see greenish tint on the lower third of the mountain. Yay for spring! Also, you can see the still snow-covered spots toward her top. This is Alaska, you know.

On the way, we stopped and took a walk around Boy Scout Lake, in the picture below. If you squint really hard, you can see the six wind turbines on Pillar Mountain in the background. Still a lot of brown, so we’re still early in spring. I promise, you will soon see why we are called the Emerald Isle of America.


On our walk around Boy Scout Lake, we saw pieces of moss forest. The moss ground cover and spruce-shaded ground makes it feel like you’re in a fairy tale.


Here’s where your jaw will drop. Our high temperature was 77 degrees–yep! 77 degrees. The low on Saturday was 69. 5:42 AM was sunrise, and the sun set at 10:31 PM. Makes it hard to settle down and think about sleep. 🙂 We had a total of 18 hours and 41 minutes of visible light. When the dog needed to go out at 4:30 in the morning (ugh), we had plenty of light due to the sun not going very far under the horizon this far north; that’s what we mean by visible light compared to length of day.

And that’s why we like blackout curtains in these here parts!



PS: Check out Weather Underground for a fantastic weather info source