Barometer 20.4


Can you see it? The green is now 3/4 of the way up Barometer Mountain last Friday, May 23?

Can you see it? The remaining bits of snow at Barometer’s tippy-top?

Can you see it? Blue sky! (The dark cloud above Barometer, while pretty, never brought any rain, nor did it have much lasting power. Beautiful days, indeed!)

A little too beautiful. Our average precipitation month-to-date for May is 4.04 inches, but this month, we’ve only had 0.18 inches. They’re talking burn ban, etc.

Wonder why?  Check out the Funny River Fire. On the Kenai Peninsula, that fire covers TWICE the area of the city of Seattle. 600 firefighters are hard at work; evacuations have been ordered. We don’t want that here on our island. In fact, we had sunny days this last week noticeably hazy due to smoke from that fire.  But, predictions are for rain here until the weekend. I mean, if you’re going to have nice days, they should be weekends, right?

Barometer 20.3

Speaking of weekends. Memorial Day Weekend was the Kodiak Crab Fest. No, my hubby didn’t eat any crab, BUT he did get a turkey leg. I ate a corn dog. My seafood tastes run solely to salmon and halibut. Still don’t know why Rich didn’t get any crab legs, but maybe the fact that it was Coasties who were selling the turkey legs explains it.

We also planted our garden, though we didn’t put up the plastic to turn it into a hoop house. Official frost-free day is June 1, but we still use a hoop house to encourage growth since we have a very short growing season. (Most gardens here are raised beds.) If you squint, you can see we planted mostly onions.

Barometer 20.2


We also picked some spruce tips. We were careful not to strip bare any branch, much less any trees, because these light green tips will eventually turn into spruce cones and continue the growth of our forests.

Barometer 20.1

Why, you may ask? To make spruce tip jelly, of course! You can just eat them, too. They taste minty with a hint of resin. Quite refreshing, and high in Vitamin C and good for sore throats.

You can also make Spruce tip shortbread, spruce tip mayo, spruce tip tea, and a bunch of other stuff.  Here’s a link in case you have spruce in your yard–or pine, or fir.

For those of you keeping track: Sunrise on May 23rd was at 5:31 AM, and sunset was at 10:42 PM, giving us 19 hours and 11 minutes of visible light.