Alas, I got over-excited deleting photos from my phone the other day and deleted my Barometer Mountain Week 21 photos. So sorry about that.

I won’t be able to show you how the fog was playing with Ms. Mount Barometer last Friday. Photos taken seconds apart looked different as the fog swirled around her, teasing, playing hide-and-seek with itself.

Instead, I bring you this photo, taken at 10:45 PM Tuesday on my way home from a VERY long meeting.

Barometer 21.1



And in case you wonder why all us Kodiakians sound gravelly these days, here’s this photo:Barometer 21.2

That yellow stuff? Spruce pollen. In fact, you could see a huge yellow cloud of spruce pollen going between Kodiak and Near Island several days ago.

On the good side, the reds are running (salmon) really well this year, and we also have a really good crop of salmonberries coming up. One of my friends, an Alaskan native, said he was taught that a good run of salmon and a good crop of salmonberries go together, and this year is proving that out. Now if I could get my hubby out fishing to catch some of those reds. Yummo!


Weatherwise, Weather Underground says Kodiak had a high of 52 and a low of 41 on Friday, May 30. Sunrise was at 5:21, with sunset at 10:54…just a few minutes after I snapped that photo. 19 hours and 43 minutes of “visible daylight.”

More of my 52-week Barometer Mountain photo challenge next week!