I know, I know. It’s not Wednesday. And I haven’t made a Word Nerd post in a long while. However, I couldn’t resist after spending the afternoon watching the Scripps National Spelling Bee last week.

What a barn-burner! It was knocked down to two kids, who then faced the remainder of the 25-word Final List. The first speller, Sriram Hathwar, missed his word, corpsbruder. But then Ansun Sujoe also missed his word…antigropelos. Both spellers therefore moved on to the next round.

They didn’t miss.

And they didn’t miss.

And they didn’t miss.

Then came the moment Hathwar correctly spelled stichomythia. The announcer, Jacques Bailly, then told Sujoe that if he spelled the next word correctly, he and Hathwar would be co-champions. (If Sujoe missed, Hathwar would have to spell one more word correctly, and he alone would be the champion).

Then Bailly pronounced the word…


And Sujoe spelled it. Correctly.

The boys had defeated not each other, but the dreaded 25-word Final List.

They will BOTH get the coveted trophy, and a $30,000 prize. (1962 was the last year there were co-champions)

Keep in mind, of all the spellers, that they are all 8th-grade and younger. Yet they spell words such as stichomythia and feuilleton. Never mind spelling them correctly, just try using those words in a sentence! [WORD NERD CHALLENGE: Share your sentences in the comments below!]

Congratulations to both Sriram Hathwar and Ansun Sujoe.

Here’s a link to this and some other memorable moments from the 2014 Scripps National spelling Bee: