What a debut!

Red Zone is not a football story or a comedy, nor a romance or a suspense. It is all of those wrapped tightly, inextricably, together all into one story in an inimitable way.

Red Zone sizzles with humor from the moment former NFL linebacker Jack meets football mom Marcy, and, of course, Marcy’s kids are constant grin causers.

The romance sizzles, too. My favorite thing about Red Zone is the way Jack is truly trying to do the right thing by Marcy, to find the right sense of relationship with her at the right time for her and him.

No spoilers from me, but Marcy is truly in danger as she learns some crazy things about her husband’s life before he died. There are scenes where I forgot to breathe for a moment. Or two. Kelli Hughett’s authorial brain works in some deliciously suspenseful ways.

It all takes place in the setting of professional football. I wonder if the author has an “in” to the NFL? At any rate, she obviously loves her some football. Red Zone is realistic enough for the hardest-core football fan.

However, the thing is: Hughett doesn’t write football for the guys and romance for the women, humor for the light-hearted and suspense for the hard-boiled. The football, romance, humor, and suspense are all there because they are a natural part of the story. The faith element is natural to the story as well, and I sense all of these are simply a part of who the author is as a person, as well.

Masterful work!

Blessings, Voni

(Note: I did receive a free copy for review, with no pressure at all to actually write a review.)

Link for purchase: Red Zone