After watching Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech March 3, I’m feeling a little political. Feel to agree or disagree, but do not feel free to be angry in the comments. Convince us, don’t hit us over the head, all right?

This link has a transcript of his full speech.

Community Organizer                                                  vs.                                                                          Leader

Tells those around him what they need Listens to those around him to discover their needs
Writes off the opposition (or calls them names) Listens to opposing points of view to learn and improve his own ideas
Organizes the people around him Surrounds himself with smart, motivated people to sharpen and strengthen the country (or organization) and himself
If you disagree with him, you’re hateful in some way. If you disagree with him, he seeks to understand your point of view, in the interest of finding truth. You might even be friends.
Does what it takes to win, to get his point of view across Does what is right
Argues Discusses and persuades (again, in the interest of finding truth)
Sits at the head of the table Sits around the table
Manipulates Motivates
Goes for the win Works for a win-win
Works to gain political power Works to serve
Doesn’t negotiate—he’s right Negotiates when right and necessary