The creators of Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew have nothing on Bethany Macmanus. Her novel, Nerve, is a breathtaking roller coaster of a dream ride.

You’ll find yourself on the sultry hot streets of Fort Lauderdale, in secret science labs, a small house created in a van, a concrete bunker…

No one, but no one does setting like Bethany Macnanus.

Like I said: It’s a wild ride as Wren Masterson hunts for her father’s scientific invention, perhaps his killer, but no spoilers here.

A former nurse, Macmanus has both the writing chops and the medical knowledge to pull this novel off, and her faith is woven through the story in an organic, unpreachy way.

My favorite element of Nerve (besides setting): Wren’s abiding love for her father. Wren’s artistic streak. The sea turtle scene. Okay, I should have said, elements, plural.

My least favorite element: The plethora of characters in the climax, but that didn’t take away from the book at all.

Not to read this book for yourself is to sit at the amusement park and watch other people ride.

Here is the Amazon link for you to check it out!

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Blessings, Voni