Welcome to my  blog.

I am a homeschool mom and a word nerd (in other words, a writer).

I have a trustworthy savior in Jesus Christ.

I have an amazing husband named Rich, who is both strong and gentle

I have a breathtaking daughter named Leah, who is blessed with intelligence, integrity, and beauty…


…and I have a crazy dog named Harley!

Crazy wheaten terrier

I believe in leaning into life! Life is meant to be experienced unafraid, as-is, face-to-face.

I mean climbing mountains and riding roller coasters and visiting other countries and making real, down-to-the-bone friendships. Gleaning from life. Mountaintop experiences. Adventure.

I also mean leaning into the hard things, the bad times, the darkness of life, rather than backing off, escaping, hiding.

Why? Because Jesus uses those things to teach us, to strengthen us. Heck, he often uses the daily routine stuff in the same way.

So I believe in leaning into life!

Enjoy my flash fiction and my ramblings on faith, family, politics as they appear on this blog.

I love to hear from friends and readers and readers who become friends! My contact form is below. Or join the conversation in the comments on my blog posts!