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Loaf for Learning, #9 & 10

I baked a double batch of LfL for tries number 9 and 10. I let it rise twice before proofing, this time. Didn’t see much difference in the dough. However, I only have the one 8-inch pan, and one 9-inch. You could definitely tell the difference. I can hear my friend saying, “it’ll rise out, not up…” That was absolutely the case, but I didn’t take pictures. Now I want to try LfL with no yogurt, for try #11.


Distracted Baking: Loaf for Learning #5 and 6, #7 and 8

You can see from the pictures why I made two loaves today. I’m not exactly sure what happened, except that I didn’t give the yeast time after putting it in the warm water, and the dough seemed extra warm to the touch. Maybe I killed the yeast with warm kindness? Well, we’ll have bread crumbs, anyway.


Featherpuff Bread #1

Laurel’s Kitchen’s “Featherpuff Bread” recipe is, indeed, a not-inexpensive bread to make, calling for two eggs, 1/4 C honey, and almost a whole carton of cottage cheese. Plus, I added walnuts, cinnamon and brown sugar to turn half the recipe into cinnamon rolls.

I ended up adding, as usual, 5-6 T of flour during kneading, and I also skipped Rise II and went directly to rounding, shaping and proofing.

For the loaf, I used my 8X4 loaf pan instead of the 9-inch one.

This bread is very puffy, and I can’t wait to dig into it.

One issue: The cottage cheese that ended up, in the natural course of things, on the crust, burned, leaving little black spots on my loaf. I’ll have to doublecheck what the book says about using cottage cheese, if anything. Maybe if I put the cottage cheese in the food processor before using it?

I got the cottage cheese too hot, but by then the yeast water had cooled slightly, so I just mixed the two.

I did wait a little too long (2 hours) to round, shape, and proof. The dough sighed slightly when I did the poke test. I’ll take some pictures in a little while, but I’m so excited that it worked out.

I even remembered to cool it on top of the fridge, where the golden retriever is unable to reach.

So there, Goldie!

My next experiment is LfL #5, fully whole wheat, BUT in my 8X4.

We’ll see if it rises better, even if it’s not as puffy as Featherpuff.


LfL #4

Not too bad. I forgot to use one cup of white flour. I let the dough ferment a little long, due to a very interesting chat with a good friend, but not too-too long. I let it rest quite a bit more than the recommended 10 minutes, due to same chat session :). Dough didn’t need flour until 1/3 of the way through the kneading process, but I did end up adding the usual 5 rounded Tbsp. I got no air bubbles under the crust this time. Better shaping? Wonder why I’m getting the crack around one edge? I left it in to bake slightly too long; thus, the browner sides.

I want to try again with the white flour, to see if I get a better rise. All of these are rising, but not as much as the one LfL I did with 1 C white flour.

I also need to try my brand-new silicone 8X4 loaf pan, since Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book’s recipes are designed for 8-inch, not 9-inch pans like the one I’ve been using.

Taste test: (from dtr) “Definitely not as heavy as the other ones.”

For LfL #5: New loaf pan, better attention to fermenting and proofing times.


Breadmaking, Grandma’s Rolls #2

Doughy in the center. My bread mentors, neighbors, happened to be over (when else would my bread not turn out? lol). They think it’s mainly because of the clear glass pans I’m using. I put the rolls in and cooked them some more. Most were yummy and fine. The other batch of rolls (it’s a two-pan recipe) were eaten the next morning by none other than the golden retriever, who spent the morning regretting his overindulgence. I will allow the bread to cool on top of the fridge before bagging it and putting it in the fridge or pantry from now on. That’s a pain, but so is having your dog eat your rolls.

Loaf for Learning #3

This time, I used all whole-wheat flour, but skipped the second rise, going straight to proofing in the pan. Still got a good rise. However, air bubbles began to form while I was waiting for the oven to preheat, and I had to pop them. I also put the loaf in 5 minutes before preheat was done. HEY, SILLY DOOFUS: Don’t wait so long into the proofing that you don’t have time to preheat.

For LfL #4, I’m going to use one cup of white bread flour (the taste is rather dense), and watch the proofing. First rise was 1-1/2 hours. Poke test–only filled in slightly. Loaf is slightly shorter than LfL2 (which had 1 C white flour)

If that turns out with no air bubbles, I’ll try LfL5 with slightly more yeast; LfL6 with a 2-hour rising but the original amount of yeast.

Experimentation is a blast, as long I get bread–some better than others by definition–out of the process.

You can see in the pix where I had to poke one of those evil air bubbles, and ended up with kind of a fallen dimple. Bread is definitely usable, but I need to figure out these air bubbles. I’ll try whole wheat again after I solve that issue.


Loaf for Learning, Try #2

Stupid dog ate my first one.

I tried Loaf for Learning from Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book again, making a couple of changes. First: I substituted one cup of white bread flour, since the rolls turned out so well. Second: I skipped Rise II, since I’m getting air bubbles during Rise II and no rise in the oven. I was guessing that I was overworking the dough, so I simply deflated and rounded the dough after Rise I, let it rest, then shaped it. Third: I added in PLENTY of flour, probably 6 rounded T, during kneading, so that the dough was only slightly sticky. Fourth: I shaped it not according to Laurel’s shaping directions, but so that it fit my 9″ pan. Her recipe calls for an 8″ pan, so I was probably shaping it too small.

The loaf rose REALLY well in the pan this time! Cowabunga!!!! Can’t wait to open it and see what it looks like.

For LfL Try #3, I will try all whole wheat and only one rising. If it doesn’t rise as well, I’ll diagnose that my wheat flour is not the right gluten content, and finish out this batch of flour by adding white bread flour. Then, I’ll try a different kind of WW flour.

If LfL Try #3 turns out, I’m going to try Laurel’s WW-Oatmeal bread recipe. Then the cinnamon rolls.

I’d like to try LfL without the yogurt. I’d like to try it with better flour and two rises again. It is, after all, a Loaf for Learning!


P.S. (1 day later: Taste test: A SUCCESS!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!)