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Movie Review: La La Land


We saw La La Land last night, and it was great, if…

…if you like musicals. This is not deep drama. It’s a musical. With people out of their cars and dancing during rush hour, with people breaking into song. You know, the things that make the old-fashioned musical fun. I was told that this movie was about song and dance, that the plot was unnecessary, and I have, in the past, condemned stories with no deepness, no real artistic value. That is not the case, here (but it IS a musical). To me, the music pervaded the story, rather than the story being a flimsy vessel for the music. I left inspired. And sad. Too bad I don’t do spoilers, or I would explain what it is that bothered me about the story but yet I wouldn’t change.

…if you like a sweet love story. There is no deep conflict between the two lovers, but rather between their love story and their dreams. They live in Los Angeles, the city of dreams, after all. That’s the feel-good, inspirational portion of the story; each of them was encouraging the other to be the hero of his/her own life story. When I think about it, that makes each of them a hero in the other’s story. See? Feel-good. Such an interesting and difficult-to-pull-off concept that their love and their dreams are the enemies of each other, while also motivating the other. What’s more important? Romantic love or dreams? (Christian note and perhaps spoiler: There is no sex in this story at all—again, it is the characters’ La La Land dreams that is the story’s focus—however, the couple does live together.)

…if you like jazz, or would like to learn to understand its musicians.

…if you ever had a dream you feared was only a pipe dream.

Otherwise, you won’t like it. 😉 The secondary characters are kind of placeholders, not bringing much to the story. And there is the odd part I wouldn’t change (no spoilers). BUT it is a musical. Some of these things take a back seat or happen because of the music. Which was enjoyable.

So enjoy.



It was enough motivation

I was mad. I shouldn’t have been, but I was. Couldn’t find my hat, or the gloves I wanted…
yada, yada…

But I finally got out for my walking workout. I walked up to Rezanov, took a right, then took another right on Mill Bay. At the end of Mill Bay, I entered the Native property open for daytime foot traffic. A few hundred yards later, I entered Naval property with the same daytime foot traffic allowances.

The ocean on my left sounded a rhythym through the moss forest. Eagles flew overhead. Pine needles (and some ice) crunched under my feet. outcroppings. The mountain rising a short distance away out of the ocean was snow-covered and set ablaze with a friendly winter sun. The moss forest gave the air a fresh, invigorating smell. I kept going, enchanted, motivated by God’s creation, and thinking the path came out back on Rezanov, but it didn’t. So, I arrived home 83 minutes later. I clicked stop on my stopwatch, and that’s just when it started raining.

And I wasn’t mad any more.

Thinking about dreams…

I was putting some flair on my facebook, when I noticed something…There was Gymnastics flair for my daughter. Violin flair for my daughter. Beautiful Daughter flair. A little holiday flair. But not one, no, not one, flair pertaining to me and my dreams. Now, being a wife and mother and homeschool mom is a dream come true. I love my life.

NaNoWriMo really brought this out in me. As has my "Experiencing God" study. Regardless of my status as a stay-at-home mom, my daughter needs to see God use my gifts and talents. I need to pursue the dreams God calls me to. Like writing the novel. Dreams are not for children only.

What? He gave me gifts, talents, dreams, so I would never use them?

So I went and found some writer flair and put it on my Facebook corkboard, too. Maybe I’ll look for some political flair.

I downloaded a dog-training e-book and I am working on that as well.

I am going to teach 4th-grade Sunday School.

I am going to enjoy these things to the hilt, but continue to listen for God. I haven’t learned yet how to commit without stepping ahead of God. It’s about watching, watching, watching, for what God is doing in my life. It’s about patient listening and obedience to Him. I want to passionately pursue what God calls me to do, and ONLY what God calls me to do.

I’m having Spiritual RLS. I love it!

I will write about Spiritual RLS in the next day or two.