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Crazy Harley

I say on my homepage that I have a crazy wheaten terrier named Harley.

Here’s the outrageous proof.

If we call Goldie, our 9-year-old Golden Retriever, and he doesn’t come at once, Harley will either go get him for us, or she’ll do her nervous peeing. Disobedience apparently bothers her. Except for her own, that is.

She also does what she can to prevent Goldie from chewing on his foot, divebombing him with a slight growl, as if to say, “I’m going to tell Mom!”

One day recently, Leah was sitting on the couch, and she coughed. Harley jumped up on the couch, put one paw on Leah’s shoulder and looked deep into her eyes with concern.

This morning, our new pup, a Golden Retriever named Nikki, decided to splash the water in the dog bowl all over the kitchen. By all over, I mean ALL OVER. Harley came running upstairs to me at the computer, barking. In other words, tattling.

The other day, Nikki was–as pups are wont to do–chewing on a sock. Leah told her to “drop it,” and Nikki just sat there and looked at her. Harley got up, went and took the sock away from the pup, and brought it to Leah.

Harley is a goofy mutt! Well, she’s purebred, but mutt just seems to fit, somehow.

I have her picture up on the homepage to this blog, if you want to see her at her goofiest.


Simple Woman’s Daybook…May 18, 2010

A Simple Woman’s Daybook

For Today… Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Outside my window… Green grass, mud, and WET streets. A little bit of sun wanting to peep through.

I am thinking… about why the two dogs are scared of the cat? Especially Goldie, because he outweighs the cat by 75 pounds.

I am thankful for… losing 25 pounds, even if it did take a diabetes diagnosis to motivate me.

I am wearing… Duh… New Orleans sweatshirt, new black jeans, my waterproof black shoes.  Still a bit of a one-hit wonder in the wardrobe department, but I did go shopping while I was “down south” on vacation in Virginia and Texas.

I am remembering… why I love having a dog of my own. Too much fun to train and play with and walk with. I hated to do too much beyond family stuff with Goldie, because I wanted him to bond with my Leah. Harley, however, is mine. All wild one-year-old wheaten terrier of her! What fun.

I am going… to get the last bit of unpacking done from my trip. Yes. I got back two weeks ago, but I had some catch-up to do, some homeschool planning/discussion to do, and a new dog to bring into the family.

I am hoping… Harley and the cat will learn to get along .

On my mind… wanna work on my novel. Which means getting my workout and morning routine finished soon. Need to get “writing routine” worked into my daily schedule.

One of my favorite things… Karen Kingsbury novels.

From the learning rooms… Leah’s working on her oral presentation on Maurice Ravel, due tomorrow, for her online Music and Leadership class.

From the kitchen… going to make some bread today, and planning to FINALLY get those garbanzos ready to try the garbanzo bean bread recipe later this week.

Around the house… routines, routines, routines. Laundry day today.

A few plans for the rest of the week… besides the garbanzo bean bread, I want to train Harley “sit” when I’m not doing a formal training session.   

From my picture journal… My Mother’s Day present, Harley!  She’s soft, lovable, loving, and eager to please.  Come look at my Harley training blog at

We love Susan Ailsby’s Book of Training Levels at It’s a positive, incremental, relationship-building approach to clicker training your dog.


I am so excited to say that I have a dog.

I didn’t think Goldie, a male golden retriever, would ever allow it after last summer. He had to spend the summer on the farm of some friends of ours, then take an airplane to meet us at our new home in Alaska. He did not play well with the other dogs at first.

But, Harley is a 1-year-old wheaten terrier girl pup. My Mother’s Day present.

And the previous owners were willing to allow us to have playdates with Goldie and Harley before bringing her into the house.

She’s soft, cute, smart, and willing to please.

Now, if she’d get over the excited peeing. 🙂 (But we’re in the clear so far today!)

Now, if the cat would only let her play with him. He deign NOT to play with a bouncy wheaten girl!

So, anyway, it’s been six weeks since I posted, and I wanted to share my good news.

I need to get back to writing daily, so…look for more posts in the future.