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Writer’s Block: Challenges I’ve Faced

I completed a rough-draft novel in one month last November, participating in National Novel Writing Month.
Sometimes, it was, "Oh God, what is the next word?" Sometimes, it was, "I can’t write the words fast enough." Sometimes, it was, "I’m going to scream if I see another word." Sometimes, it was, "What’s a word?" Sometimes, it was, "That word cracks me up!"

But it was great fun. The massage my husband bought me during week three of the four-week challenge was absolutely essential to completing it. The blank, "I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I’m supporting you anyway," looks from my family and friends were absolutely essential. Facebook and livejournal breaks were absolutely essential.

Remembering to eat was absolutely essential!

I emerged with a greater understanding of who I am (a word nerd), what I can accomplish (anything in Jesus Christ), and my level of inner guttiness (much greater than I thought).


I did it

I am amazed because it is done. I wrote 50,102 (50,082 officially) words in one month. The novel reached its end. I, indeed, am a novelist.

However, much work remains to be done to bring it to publication quality. I’ll think about that in January!

Love y’all


NaNo Confusion

I looked at my entry yesterday, and yes, it happened yesterday. I wrote it the Monday after the ballgame.

But it says I reached 25,001 words.

But now I’m at 27,838. I wrote 2800 words between yesterday and today? I guess I did. Wow. Of course, I think I was pretty close to 25,000 the night before, but…Wow.

I’m loving NaNoWriMo just for getting me into the habit of writing again. Next month I’ll have to learn balance about it. 🙂


What could cause this?????

I was in line at a concession stand at a high school basketball game. There was a pair of teenage girls in line ahead of the family in front of me.

One looks at the other, "Oh man," she says, "I forgot what I wanted! What did I want again?"
The other thinks for a moment. "Nachos!" she declares.
"Oh, yeah! Thanks!"

I thought that was silly enough. Until two teenage girls got in line behind me a minute or so later. They apparently had no connection with the first pair.

As they get in line, one frowns. "What did I want again?"
The other says, "uhhhhh…Mellow Yellow?"
"That’s right. Thanks."

This could be…

1)  …the invasion of the what-I-want thieves. Thank goodness their friends had attended training classes to combat these thieves!
2) …a weird teenage malady.
3) …too much mind-changing caused Permaflux.

The more pertinent question is: How can I work this into my NaNoNovel?


NOVEL PROGRESS: I had to quit early to let dh work on the computer, but fell asleep within 15 minutes on the couch anyway. Musta needed some sleep! At any rate, I just got 25,001! Halfway, Baby!

Novel-Writing Rules

What insane, demented freak invented the rule that you get going really well on your writing about 10 minutes before you have to leave to go somewhere?

Just wondering.


November 15th

I’m a little sad that I didn’t get to 25,000 words on the novel by yesterday, but it was an outrageously busy day, so that’s that! I still, however, got 1200 words. Amazing. Now I’m ready to see what today brings. My goals are:

1. Early morning writing session: 1,300 words + (catches me up to yesterday’s goal)
2. While-dd’s-at-gym writing session: 1,667 words (words for the daily goal today)
3. After gym: laundry (I’m out of certain key garments. :))

Blessings on the Lord’s Day!

New NaNo problem

I wrote so hard two days ago, I never posted in my livejournal. I was at 21,6000. Yesterday, I got up to 22,110. So, here we go to the half-way point today! I’m ready!

Yes, he’s still named ALF!

OK, I’m having an interesting problem. I know what to write. I’ve got the caffeine going. But the words just aren’t coming. It’s not writer’s block, it’s just…

…that my words are still in bed? Who forgot to set the alarm?
…second-week doldrums?
…National Anti-Word day?
…that my words ran away and I have to wait for their return?
…I’m not paying my words enough and they went on strike?


NOVEL PROGRESS: (lunchtime): 23,700–now how cool is that? 23,700 words exactly. My last scene, the one connecting Aymee to Brayden, is over 2,000 words.  Thank you, God!