I just had to share what I learned in this lesson of "Experiencing God" (lesson 9).

First: "If you have an obedience problem, you have a love problem." My all-out rebellion to household routines a la Flylady shows a distinct lack of love for God and my husband!

But here’s the biggie: "The previous level of your walk with God will not be adequate for the new work God wants to do through you." I’ve always considered myself more than adequate for anything! But, honestly, that’s in my own strength, which is not exactly where God wants me. I really need to get my household routines into the realm of habit, as a matter of obedience, and as a matter of making myself ready for the next "level," whatever God has in mind for me. I’ve known this on an intellectual level, but it really hit me spiritually.

I really feel like one of those cars stuck in a snowdrift. You know how the driver rocks it back and forth, forward and back, until they have enough momentum to make it over the mound of snow holding the car back. I need to get over the "hump" of disobedience in my life that is called "household routine." I don’t want to be stuck in a snowdrift when God has a new work to do through me!

I also loved Ps 119:33-35 this morning, though I did have to tell God I probably won’t keep his decrees "to the end." lol. But it is my desire to do so.