This is an absolutely undemocratic situation you face. You have no rights here. Your only right is to come to class and be wonderful. You can’t protest, you can’t be absent, you can only work…You must give your entire self in an act of faith. If you have any sort of resentment or lack of clarity, you will find heartbreak. But if you manage to live through four years of this demand up on your inner self, your life will be literally changed.”

 Lydia Joel, head of School of Performing Arts/dance, New York, 1982 Lecture to Freshman

I found this in an article about the real School of Performing Arts in New York, the school they made the TV show “Fame” about. As Hank Wittemore’s article says, the school was about the flame of inspiration, not fame.

I feel so blessed to have a husband who allows me to work at the very undemocratic situation of my writing dreams–without guilt or frustration.

What’s your dream?

Read the article, then get back to work on your dream!

Blessings Voni