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Writer’s Block: Play it again, e-reader

I find myself re-reading Jan Karon’s Mitford series every year or so. The characters are warm, real and work out their faith in a real life. The Russians series and The Secret of the Rose series by Michael Philips are the same way, only he adds in a background of historical realism as a medium for his characters’ spiritual growth. What’s in common? The feeling inside myself, "I hope I react that way when I face things." (Or, in certain scenes, I hope I don’t act that way.) The maturing process that occurs within me, the nobleness that the characters draw out of me, myself.

And the sense of coming home whenever I open one of their books.


Writer’s Block: On a need to know basis

     It sounds trite, but it’s true. I would like to have the special power to open people’s eyes to the beauty they have within, to the God-given talents they have. I think if each person saw their own uniqueness and beauty, and truly understood they were placed there out of love by the Creator of the Universe Himself, there would be a lot less crime and hate. Maybe none.


Writer’s Block: It worked for Norma Jean

        Well, for a stage name, I’d have to pick, um, Voni. Short and sassy. LIke me. Straightforward and upfront. Like me.

Vonilda, like my blog title, comes from my Spanish class when we had to pick Spanish names by which to be called. Voni wasn’t in the Spanish name list, but Vonilda was close. I guess it has more of a stage sound to it, but it reminds me of my pre-adolescence, so I’ll stick with Voni.


Writer’s Block: Bon appétit!

     My perfect meal:
     Dinner: Fire-grilled hamburgers with all the fixin’s, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, choice of cheeses. (But the burgers have to be just the right size for the bun.) Cole slaw. French Fries or chips (Don’t care). Baked Beans.
     Dessert: Ice Cream (I know, I know. I’m diabetic. I’ll just have a bite of Rich’s, I promise.)
     Drink: Diet Coke (I know, I know. I need to give up diet Coke. Again. I’m working on it. Again.)

Not for me the fru-fru food of the spa. 
     Hmmmm. Fire grilled chicken with a touch of BBQ is sounding good, too.


Writer’s Block: Merlin revisited

     I would whisk all my tech into set-up just the way I like it. Boy, that takes a long time when you get something new!


Writer’s Block: The Royal Wedding

     Okay, so we’re ignoring the fact that there is zero, ZERO, percent chance I’d ever get invited to a royal wedding. That leaves me with reality. There is nothing I could afford that William and Kate either don’t have or don’t want.

     So what to give?

     Something powerful. Something free.

     Something every marriage needs.


     Lord Jesus, I pray that the love William and Kate have for each other will grow deeper day by day, and that it will be merely a reflection of the even greater love You have for them.

     I pray this also for marriages all around the world as the royal wedding brings to our minds the power of love and marriage. But primarily for my marriage.

     I pray also for all the little girls watching the royal wedding today and dreaming their romantic princess dreams: that you will show them the power of true love, first Yours, then true, committed, romantic love here on earth.


Writer’s Block: Taking a trip with Mrs. Tibble

     I, being a fully grown, mature woman would NEVER deign to name a car or bike. <grin> However, my daughter, when she was very little, named our car Sally. She named the next car Sally, too. That was confusing! Never knew why she chose that name, and the reasons are lost in the mist of her childhood memory now.

I am kind of wanting to find a name for our house. I mean, Jefferson named his Monticello, and Washington named his Mount Vernon. Any suggestions for a name for a pretty little yellow house with green trim tucked into a cul-de-sac in small-town Alaska?

Yes, that is very different than naming a car or a bike! After all, if our Founding Fathers named their homes, why couldn’t I name mine?